3 Ingredient Ravioli Bake (A.K.A. Lazy Lasagna)


The easiest family-pleasing dinner you will ever make. This quick and easy recipe will soon be a family favorite. What I love most about this meal is that these simple 3 ingredients last forever, so you


  1. Posted by moonflower14moo, — Reply

    I block everyone who repeats the descriptions. Hopefully then, I won't have to scroll through all that crap on other comment sections!!

  2. Posted by kamirace, — Reply

    I layered sliced baby portabellos and red peppers sauteed in butter in between the two layers of ravioli. Mmmmm. Will def make this again and experiment with more add-ins...maybe sauteed zucchini or eggplant, sliced hot italian sausage, or pre-cooked chopped breaded chicken tenders.

  3. Posted by LindyPal, — Reply

    I added a layer of frozen zucchini slices next to the sauce, 2nd layer chopped up kale, and used asiago shaved on the top. Cooked at 375 F for one hour, put cheese on for last 1/2 hour. TJ 3 Cheese jarred sauce. Loved this!

  4. Posted by 13winter, — Reply

    I made this tonight and my husband and brother loved it, I had add fresh spinach and put Italian seasoning on top of cheese and it turn out great!

  5. Posted by queenbean17, — Reply

    I keep forgetting to take a pic when I make this but it always comes out really good. But instead of straight-from-the-jar sauce, I do my meat sauce I would do for regular pasta or a baked ziti, and I add an extra cup or 2 of water to it, so the raviolis have extra moisture to suck up.

  6. Posted by tashiehonore, — Reply

    I added groud beef, onions and garlic. Used the Italian shredded cheese bag. It was really good and easy!

  7. Posted by nichole31385, — Reply

    Found this last year! I use a ricotta egg blend in between the layers because that's how I originally make lasagna, but it is so simple and good. You can also freeze the entire pan all made up and then just defrost in the fridge when you make dinner the night before. It will be good to go. I boil my ravioli first. I have also used different flavors of ravioli like mushroom and cheese or spinach and cheese!

  8. Posted by wbawba, — Reply

    they missed such a great opportunity for lazyagna!!

  9. Posted by robina0877, — Reply

    This was SO easy and really delicious! Served with a salad and warm bread.

  10. Posted by jcurry0909, — Reply

    This was very good, even my 4 year old enjoyed it!

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