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Make your own peanut butter cups using just 5 simple ingredients -- dark chocolate chips, peanut butter, coconut oil, honey and sea salt.


  1. Posted by jenniw0220, — Reply

    Delicious recipe! I would recommend doubling the chocolate chips unless you want more peanut butter than chocolate (I used a whole bag), but overall mine turned out great & my friends loved them!

  2. Posted by christydueck, — Reply

    Sooo good and easy. And just a touch of maple syrup instead of honey. Also used 3/4 sugar free dark chocolate chips mixed with regular as that’s all I had! Based on my calculations 125 calories per cup with dark chocolate or semi sweet and no honey. I have made and ate literally 100 of these 😬 #covid

  3. Posted by My_Crafty_Mom, — Reply

    I am definitely going to try these out and feature them on my website, mycraftymom.com! Don’t worry, I’ll be giving credit and big ol shout out!!!

  4. Posted by lilahkawa, — Reply

    I’m really sad I didn’t get to make them because I didn’t have like that oil that they put in there so I am very sad 😢 somebody tell me a substitute for the oil 😢

  5. Posted by jamespins75, — Reply

    They were really good. I think next time I will leave out a lot of the honey in the peanut butter mixture so they would be less sweet.

  6. Posted by blemaire11, — Reply

    I made these and they were really good. Downside is...they melt really fast. I decided to melt them down and put in small jars. Stored in the freezer. I use the choc/peanut butter syrup over oatmeal and ice cream. Delish.

  7. Posted by soniaer2018, — Reply

    This recipe was so easy to make and it is so delicious! I also had to use extra chocolate chips. I am definitely making this recipe again!

  8. Posted by vaishalichakraborty, — Reply

    Why is coconut oil not replacable by vegetable/rice bran oil? I was just curious to know and also since I am not a great fan of the coconut oil smell in food, I wanted a way out. I really really want to make these and gift someone as a birthday present 😁

  9. Posted by ojohns0135, — Reply

    This is a shocker to me because usually recipes that say 5-ingredient have like 7 or 8 ingredients! Thanks @Brittany Mullins!

  10. Posted by SimsInSoCal, — Reply

    The first layer of chocolate I did was melted white chocolate chips and then for the second chocolate layer I found a package of some mint chocolate chips called Hershey’s Kitchens Chocolate Chips Mint on walmart.com. Yum white chocolate mint peanut butter cups!

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